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Hello fellow hair loss sufferer,

If you were like me you may be losing your hair and on your way to going bald! I'd shower and there would be about 100 hairs in my hand just and I'd watch them run down the drain! My self-confidence also was running down the drain with it!

I became depressed, really depressed! So much so I didn't want to leave the house as I felt so embarrassed by this problem, my mates would think it was helpful to make fun of my hair loss but I was truly embarrassed!

Now unlike many of you looked into laser hair therapy and new that my friend Trent was being treated with this therapy with success, however I was frustrated at the high cost of this treatment, actually it pissed me off!  Why the hell was it so expensive? I feel that large hair loss companies are taking advantage of people like you and me… They are charging us a fortune which many of just can’t afford!  This is how the Lasergain came to be, through my own persistence to create a device that 1 works and that 2 was affordable for everyone.




Perhaps you have heard for yourself that Low Level Laser Therapy works to prevent hair loss perhaps you haven't so here's a short list of what this technology has proven regarding hair-regrowth.

LaserComb studies that prove its effectiveness!
  • Male subjects treated with a popular LaserComb with less lasers than the LaserGain proved to have a thicker hair density than subjects in a placebo group.(Once again this was a comb with less lasers)
  • In 2010 Female subjects also proved to have fantastic results in their clinical trial.

Once again our product has more lasers at the same wavelength and is much cheaper!

Getting excited yet?
As of 2016 I can attest that my hair is as thick as it was in 2007 from using the LaserGain – I can also report 100% feedback from happy customers through our eBay store and there’s thousands of people using the product that continue to email me with praise for the product!  That’s something we are really proud of!

Here’s a shot of some eBay certificates from the last few years as a power seller for the number 1 laser hair growth product...  However we suggest buying on our site for larger savings!


One thing you should know!

I endorse hair loss clinics!!! So if you want laser therapy and can afford it go for it! YES that's right I totally endorse the results of most major clinics that use LLLT hair systems which cover the entire head…  But if you are like me it’s just too costly as they can charge up to $10 000.00 a year!  OUCH!!! & This is an ongoing treatment which will go on and on!


The fact is laser hair growth has worked for me and a huge amount of people it has been proven to work in clinical trials!  But be really careful what you buy as there's those claiming to be the best and they are just over priced rubbish in my opinion!  Although even with their inferior products, some claim positive results however I wanted a SUPERIOR product that worked & better coverage must = better results!

So what are your options then?

Well, I'm excited to announce that there's been laser device far 6 years that has become a great success just through word of mouth. Now with the Lasergain XL is most popular commercial brush or comb at a 3rd of the price. laserhaircombreviews.com rated it the #1 choice over all commerical products!

With over 3 times the unique lasers than the commercial products there's no need to throw away your hard earned money anymore!!!

The LaserGain XL

The new LaserGain XL uses powerful unique lasers but does not carry a rather large commercial price of over $500.00 ARGH!!! The LaserGain XL is less than half of the price and a much more powerful unit!!!

How can I provide this device so much cheaper?

Others spend a fortune on advertising, I don't!

Those companies include that high cost into their price!

I don't have to include those prices!

Approximately 95% of what is sold has been through viral word of mouth advertising which is awesome!

I also have close relationship with the owner of the company that engineers these lasers allowing us to get them below cost! Something even the largest of companies are unable to do!

Our product doesn't have a nice fancy cover... It's a crude looking plug in the wall and go system with a simple on and off switch which will grow your hair thicker and faster!! I just wanted something that worked for me and others!

This device is not the most attractive thing you will ever see but like a ugly car with a great engine under the bonnet it's has some real power!!! One ugly powerful device!!!


Question…Do you want something that looks extremely pretty or do you want to grow your hair?

I know what I want, hell that's why I created it!

But lets do a comparison of the benefits of the "others" and our own!

"Now if you are even the slightest bit interested in stopping your hair loss This is probably the most important comparison you will ever read!!!" I've made the other devices look like toys!
LaserGain XL Popular Commercial Devices
32 lasers to grow your hair no cheap LED lights (MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!) The lasers are 655nm by 5mw also. 1 laser to grow hair plus some with 8 LED lights. (I do not know of one commercial respected clinic that uses LED as a form hair re-growth!) Or 1 laser reflected off plastic mirror to = 9 beams. The lasers are 650nm by 5mw
Lasers device is specifically designed at an ideal position to create accurate fuller coverage for superior results! Less coverage.
Basic plug in the wall system, with constant power so lasers remain at full effectiveness at a constant rate. Portable device which loses power as battery goes low and lasers are not as effective.
Looks a little crude and does 32 Items more to help grow your hair! Look nice with pretty design which does little to grow your hair but looks nice on a shelf.
Cost $299.00 !!! Now special limited offer of 199.00!!! Cost over $500.00 retail!
So now you know the facts and see the comparison the questions remains do you want your hair and feel more confident? Or you want to buy the shiniest product for 3 times the price with a 1/3rd of the lasers?
Notice the coverage unlike
any commercial device!
  21 Lasers stimulate my hair growth!
(now more - 32)
Commercial devices with 1-5 lasers (which the majority of the commercial devices have) will always have average to poor results in my opinion... Not the coverage you see above!

Now notice in the pictures above the amount of coverage our product has with its 32 lasers over the head!
How powerful are our lasers?
They sit at 655nm & 5mw (the same as the commercial Hairmax but with many more lasers for fuller coverage!)

But what does 655nm & 5nm mean?

Most commercial lasers out there "claiming" to have similar specs are using cheap lasers made in china and generally have 1 laser! To put it in crudely they are a piece of crap! To show you we are not just using a cheap throw away device which will not even penetrate deep enough to stimulate the hair follicle I have included these pictures as an example of their power!
  Laser light penetrating through my finger... The
laser light is so powerful it penetrates through my
nail and through to the wall in the background!
My before and after's using LaserGain!
My own 8 Month Results!
It was an awful feeling when my hair started to thin I started to feel ugly! This isn't when it was at
it's worse this was a little into the treatment when the existing hairs started to thicken slightly!
Before   After
BINGO!!! 8 months later my hair is thicker and fuller Woohoo!!!
  Hey I’m Dave,

I had bought a laser brush about a year ago and it didn't do anything for me. A friend showed me your product and since purchasing it back in September 08 my hair has completely stopped falling out and there is even some regrowth. Thanks again Brendan!

Dave T.
  I’m Ryan,  

I had quite bad recession of hair around my temples. I used to wake up in the morning and find hairs on my pillow or I'd be washing my hair and there would be hair all through my fingers. I do not have to worry about this anymore and thank you!!!

Ryan Fitzgerald
  The best bang for buck you are going to get! I had been researching lasers for quite sometime and your product was far superior to any other! I've been thrilled with the results! I highly recommend this to other hair loss sufferers.

Rob H.
  • Don't spend a fortune at clinics when you can get the same benefits at home!
  • Don't spend a small fortune on a device that is likely to give you minimal results!
If you want the benefits of 32 lasers growing your hair at a small
percentage of the cost we have designed the product for you!!!

Listen anyone who has lost their hair or has started losing their hair is reading this because in some way you probably feel as I did and want to take some action.

Lets say NO to hair loss NOW! I have by using this device and it's now 5 years later and I still have a thick head of hair and there's thousands of happy customers backing me up!

Just imagine using the LaserGain with the satisfaction that you invested in something that is more powerful than what others are paying and giving you superior results as your hair grows thicker over time!

We urge you today to click the buy it now button and get yours now! The quicker you act the more chance you have of saving your hair!

I could charge up to $1000.00 and people would still buy the LaserGain!  People have spent a lot more on a lot less!

It gives me great pleasure to help others stop their hair loss and hear the great feedback. Also so I'd rather sell loads more and work harder than sell an expensive product only to the Elite who are fortunate enough to be rich!

2 Month 100% Money-Back
Hair Growth Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident that the LaserGain with give you a thicker head of hair that I will give you a full 8 month guarantee! If your hair doesn't grow I don't get paid!

That's right I guarantee it!

The truth is I don't believe I will have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you invest in the LaserGain, if you are like me you will hardly believe what you are witnessing as your hair grows thicker and faster than before!

Spelling Podcast Grade 1




Oh and I use PayPal to accept funds. Why? PayPal is completely secure and protects the customer. If by any chance (which has never happened) you don't receive your product PayPal freezes the money and looks after the customer!

It also accepts all major credit cards and you don't need to have a PayPal account to use it!

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If you haven't ordered yet I'm not sure where your thinking is at, your hair can only go backwards without treatment! Less hair = less attraction, no what anybody says to make you feel better that's a fact, you will look older and people will judge you because of that! Hair loss is a choice, don't let yourself fall into the trap that I started to fall in and feel helpless!

Brendan Edwards

P.S. For less half than half the price of a Hairmax LaserComb XL you can get a much more powerful unit. Buy now to help prevent your hair loss before it's too late!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know that I am safe to pay over the net for this item?
This is a good and very fair question! We have chosen PayPal as PayPal is completely secure!

Do you have to be a member of PayPal?
Absolutely not! PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you don't have to be a member!

What if my item doesn't arrive?
I guarantee your item will arrive! All our items are sent registered post World Wide! I track the item to make sure you receive it... By any chance it does get lost in the mail I will send you another Lasergain at no cost to you!

Different countries have different adapters, so will it work in my country?
Short answer Yes! We send you will be sent an adapter for your country so the device will work perfectly every time!

We have delivered to over 24 countries worldwide and we love it!

Remember studies have proven laser therapy helps prevent hair loss! Say no to hair loss now!
Individual results can vary. And we have to say this for "legal" reasons. 
We are so proud of all the positive feedback we receive and we are so sure you will love
the lasergain we guarantee our product so comes to you at no risk at all.  How good is that?
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